Specials Range (5+yrs)

Berg Specials Go Karts Review – Age 5+

For the Specials range of go karts from Berg, you can choose from a variety of different models that are suitable for children aged 5 and upwards.

These include the following models –

  • Berg Race GTS BFR
  • Berg Street X (23.5kg)
  • Berg Chopper BFR (40kg)
  • Berg Duo Chopper BF
  • Berg Black Edition BFR (52.2kg)
  • Berg Black Edition BFR-3 (54.2kg)


The Specials range of go karts come complete with their innovative BFR system, along with the BF hub.

The BF hub makes sure that pedals come to a complete stop after pedaling has finished, ensuring better safety during driving, whilst the BFR system means your child can break, freewheel and reverse all using just the pedals and their feet for greater control.

BERG Specials Go Karts Price List Ireland

BERG Specials Price
BERG Street-X Venom € 395,00
BERG Street-X Vibes € 395,00
BERG XL Chopper BFR € 779,00
BERG XL Duo Chopper BF € 985,00
BERG Duo Coaster BFR € 1.889,00
BERG Duo Coaster E-BFR € 3.429,00

The Specials have larger frames which makes them ideal for children to ride as well as adults too.

Their high quality and durable frames means they can easily be adjusted to the most comfortable position making them the ideal choice for all the family to enjoy.

The Specials go karts run on three wheels, not four, and as such their front wheel has a very small turning circle, which in turn means better control especially on turns.

As some of the models come with a two-seater option, this is the perfect way to share the experience of the thrill of the ride!

Berg Race GTS BFR

The Berg Race GTS BFR is easy for little ones to control and is available with a BFR frame as well as a 3 gear BFR-3 frame too.

This model also comes with options for an XXL frame along with a E-BFR electrically assisted frame too.

With a fully adjustable seat, swing axle, double ball bearing as part of the steering system and a parking brake, this is the perfect go kart to grow with that still offers a great authentic driving experience.

Berg Street X (23.5kg)

The Berg Street X drives like a motorbike, with its three wheels giving an authentic racing experience whilst still staying perfectly balanced and in control.

Berg Chopper BFR (40kg)

The Berg Chopper is a 3 wheeler that still makes full use of the BFR system for added control and has large tyres for added stability when driving too.

Berg Duo Chopper BF

The Berg Duo Chopper has 2 seats for added fun and its BF system makes it simple and intuitive to drive.

You can also easily remove the second seat if you prefer, with the front wheel able to make tight turns and the ball bearings in the steering system adding to greater steering control.

Berg Black Edition BFR & BFR-3 (54.2kg)

The Berg Black Edition comes with either BFR or BFR-3 systems, so you can opt to go for gears or without. The Black Edition go karts come with four wheels for added stability and their larger tyres mean they can easily tackle any road surface too.

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