Reppy Range (2-6yrs)

Berg Reppy Range Go Karts

The Reppy range of go karts from Berg features a collaboration with BMW along with other eye-catching models which are striking to look at and even more fun to ride.

The Reppy range also includes a soundbox, along with EVA tyres for added grip and large rims for a cool street style.

BERG Reppy Go Karts Price List Ireland

BERG Reppy Prices
BERG Reppy Rider € 239,00
BERG Reppy Racer € 249,00
BERG Reppy Rebel € 259,00
BERG Reppy BMW € 315,00
BERG Reppy Roadster € 249,00
BERG Reppy GP € 305,00

The soundbox, in particular, adds to the authentic road experience, featuring V8 engine sounds, honking, braking and of course, the sound of the engine accelerating! The models in the range include –

  • Berg Reppy Rebel Go Kart (9kg)
  • Berg Reppy Rider Go Kart (9kg)
  • Berg Reppy Racer Go Kart (9kg)
  • Berg Reppy BMW Go Kart (9.7kg)

Berg Reppy Rebel Go Kart (9kg)

The Reppy Rebel go kart is suitable for children aged 2.5 to 6 years, with its funky red design and light frame, which weighs just 9kg.

This easy to steer go kart comes complete with a soundbox that younger children will love to play with, replicating real sounds of being on the road.

The seat is a bucket style and easy to adjust to 4 different positions, and its direct drive system is perfect for little ones.

Reppy Rider Go Kart (9kg)

The Reppy Rider is again great for younger children, with an advised age range of 2.5 to 6 years.

The bucket seat is comfortable and easy to adjust, whilst the sporty steering wheel and soundbox give it that authentic on the road feel.

The swing axle helps to keep children balanced and stable as they drive, and the light frame of 9kg and easy to carry handle makes it the perfect choice for adults to carry home too if needed after use.

The EVA tyres are ideal for gripping a number of road surfaces and providing a smooth and comfortable drive.

Reppy Racer Go Kart (9kg)

The Reppy Racer go kart comes with distinctive colourful wheels and its sporty look is perfect for all little racers on the move.

Easy to store and carry at just 9kg, this go kart is great for children 2.5 to 6years and again comes complete with fun soundbox and EVA tyres.


Reppy BMW Go Kart (9.7kg)

The Berg Reppy BMW go kart has all the BMW indefinable features you would expect all wrapped up in a go kart design.

These include the BMW grill, spoiler and headlights which make these a go kart with a difference.

Offering one of the coolest ways to get around the neighbour, the Reppy BMW model comes with EVA tyres and wide rims for a distinctive design look as well as the functionality of a comfortable and smooth ride.

This model is ideal for all little ones who want to have their own unforgettable go kart model to rival any other BMW on the road!

At just 9.7kg, the Reppy BMW frame is very lightweight and is easy to store and carry.