Rally Range (4-12yrs)

BERG Rally Go Karts Review

The Rally range of go karts from Berg offers everything you need to be an off-road street racer.

Their models include –

    • Berg Jeep Adventure Go Kart – Rally Range (29kg)
    • Berg Rally Force Go Kart
    • Berg Rally Orange Go Kart (27kg)
    • Berg Rally Pearl – Girls Pedal Go Kart (25kg)

The Rally range also comes complete with the BFR system you would expect with a Berg go kart.

This means you can be sure of added safety as well as increased movability when you break, freewheel and reverse.

BERG Rally Go Karts Price List Ireland

BERG Rally Prices
BERG Rally Pearl € 459,00
BERG Rally NRG Orange € 459,00
BERG Rally APX Blue € 499,00
BERG Rally ORT Green € 479,00
Jeep® Rally Cherokee € 525,00
BERG Rally APX Red 3 Gears € 759,00
BERG Rally ORT Yellow 3 Gears € 739,00

Being able to use just the pedals to control the go kart makes riding very straightforward and is great for children as well as adults alike.

The adjustable seat can be moved into three different positions, meaning not only can your child enjoy racing their rally go kart as they continue to grow, but it can also be adjusted to be used by older members of the family too as these go karts are suitable for children aged 4 to 12 years.

The Rally range of go karts also comes with an adjustable steering wheel too for added flexibility of use and by keeping it at the perfect height, driving is easy and smooth too.

The four wheels and swing axle means extra stability and firm grounding, so no matter how quickly you are whizzing around a track and taking corners, the Rally go kart will be able to keep up thanks to its superior stability.

The swing axle is adept at absorbing the bumps from different terrains as you drive, keeping you safely grounded and enjoying a carefree and smoother ride.

The pneumatic tyres also provide added comfort as they give less resistance, so pedalling takes less effort too so you can go as fast as you like.

Berg Rally Pearl – Girls Pedal Go Kart (25kg)

The Berg Rally Pearl is perfect for a girl who loves to move, and this speedy model is both safe and agile thanks to its BFR system, swing axle and four pneumatic tyres.

Available in a bright and funky dark pink, this is one go kart that was made to stand out from the crowd.

Berg Jeep Adventure Go Kart – Rally Range (29kg)

The Berg Jeep Adventure go kart in the Rally range is ergonomically designed to keep you moving, with its slim frame perfect for whizzing past tight corners and taking on narrow pathways.

It’s BFR system makes it easy and smooth to ride, and its neutral colours makes it suitable for any child to love to ride.

Berg Rally Force Go Kart

The Berg Rally Force go kart comes with eye-catching neon green wheels and is ideal for racing around your garden or local go kart track.

Complete with the BFR system and pneumatic tyres, this go kart drives smoothly and quietly and is ideally suited for children aged 4 to 12 years. You can also opt to add on two different styles of trailer accessory if you wish.

Berg Rally Orange Go Kart (27kg)

The Berg Rally Orange go kart is bright and compact, with this easy to manoeuvre go kart the perfect choice for 4 to 12 year olds. The seat and steer wheel are both adjustable, and you can also add the Junior Trailer for added fun too.

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