Off-Road Range (5+yrs)

Berg Off-Road Pedal Go Karts

Berg offers a range of off-road go kart models including –

  • Berg X-Cross BFR / BFR-3
  • Berg X-Plore BFR / BFR-3
  • Berg Jeep Revolution BFR / BFR-3
  • Berg X-Ite


The models in this range are available either with the BFR system, which comprises just a pedal control system, along with the BFR-3 which allows for a three gear control system also.

BERG Off-Road Go Karts Price List Ireland

BERG XL X-ite BFR € 719,00
BERG XL X-Cross BFR € 799,00
BERG XL X-Plore BFR € 859,00
Jeep® Revolution pedal go-kart XL BFR € 959,00
BERG XL X-Treme BFR € 999,00

These models are suitable to be driven by children aged 5 years and upwards and are ideal for driving around your garden or local track and outdoor spaces.

These off-road models are also available with an E-BFR frame for added support from the 250W E-motor, whilst the E-BFR-3 system also has added gears too.

The XXL-BRF system is perfect for taller people and is 10cm longer than the usual frame options and comes with two extra seating positions too.


This larger frame means that the off-road models can be used by both children and adults alike, with an adjustable seat for added comfort along with a frame that is so durable it can even be used for professional standard go karting too.

The four wheels help to provide all the off-road models with extra stability and the swing axle means the go kart will always stay balanced and on track.

The swinging motion helps to absorb the bumps of the road as you or child drives, making for a smoother ride too, with all off-road models firmly grounded for extra safety and added peace of mind.

The off-road tyres are ready for any road surface and can handle even the muddiest of terrains, and their less rolling resistance means you do not have to pedal as hard in order to enjoy top speeds.

Berg X-Cross BFR / BFR-3

The Berg X-Cross is available with gears or without and is easy to handle and ride.

The BFR and BFR-3 systems are both great at making sure this brightly coloured orange go kart can handle wherever you choose to drive.

Berg X-Plore BFR / BFR-3

The Berg X-Plore is again able with gears, courtesy of the BFR-3 system, or no gears if you choose the BFR option instead. Ideal for rough and muddy road and track surfaces, this go kart is suitable for quick breaks, freewheeling and reversing with ease.

Berg Jeep Revolution BFR / BFR-3

The Berg Jeep Revolution looks serious and can seriously take on any urban jungle. There are also added accessories for this model too, such as a roll bar or spare wheel just in case.

Berg X-Ite

The Berg X-Ite is their brand new model and offers a cool and funky design along with all the driving and safety features you would expect from a Berg go kart.

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