Berg Go Karts Reviews – UK & Ireland


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There are many go kart manufacturers in the world, but few with the renown of the BERG Toys brand.

BERG Toys has a large number of go kart models available in the market for sale, and all of their models are thoroughly tested, by the BERG engineers to ensure that it is completely safe to drive and also fun at the same time.

BFR – Brake, Freewheel, Reverse

The karts are equipped with a unique mechanism, known as BFR, brake, freewheel, reverse that allows you to keep the pedal still even when the wheels are turning.

In simple terms, it works similarly to a bicycle. Also, these karts give you the ability to immediately pedal backward making it extremely flexible, and maneuverable and kids love this feature.

Berg Karts for 2021 and beyond!

They also have specially designed models for young children that come equipped with direct drive.

It makes the go-kart extremely light and easy to pedal which means kids love it.

As you may know, BERG takes safety extremely seriously and every go-kart is equipped with a coaster brake which means you are able to stop more quickly.

In addition to the coaster brake, all the big go-karts designed for 5+ ages also comes equipped with an additional handbrake.

Built to Last

These go-karts are designed to last a lifetime. BERG stand by their promise to make durable and timeless products that do not need too much maintenance.

And one of the reasons why they are able to ensure such high-quality standards is due to their commitment to extensive and ongoing testing at their facility.

Adjustable Steering Wheel & Seat

The steering wheel and seat in the go-kart Berg is adjustable which means the go-kart grows with you.

You do not require tools to adjust the seat. Similarly, adjusting the steering wheel is extremely easy and it will ensure that you will have years of fun playing with your go-kart.

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Quality First

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, every single detail of the go-kart has been well tested out and precisely engineered to ensure high-quality performance.

The wheels are mounted allowing them to rotate lightly. Also, all the wheels come with rubber tires which makes for an extremely comfortable experience.

Berg Go-Karts stand for quality, low maintenance, and long service life.